The McCleave Gallery of Fine Art (2002 - 2007) > The McCleave Cross-Canada Suitcase Tour 2005

Tequila Bookworm Opening
Tequila Bookworm Opening

Opening reception for Z'otz Collective (Illiana Martinez, Eric Jerezano, and Nahum Florez) at Tequila Bookworm in Toronto.

Born from one drawing made on a paper plate by three hands, the Z’otz* collective consists of artists Nahum Flores, Erik Jerezano, and Ilyana Martinez. Currently they are based in Toronto where they meet weekly to collaborate on multi-media works, which include drawing, painting, collage, portable sculpture and written word. For the suitcase tour, the Z’otz* collective will construct a series of portable art pieces titled The Nomad Pencil Sessions, made of many small light-weight sheets of paper that can be folded into the suitcase. Their images explore issues of immigrant experience related to themes of mapping, travel, translation, artifacts, and urban life.