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S.A.G.S.R.I. HQ#0002 (detail)
S.A.G.S.R.I. HQ#0002 (detail)

A public installation in Dawson City, Yukon during the Yukon Riverside Arts festival and Discovery Days Parade in 2007. The outside of the vacant former Dawson City Post Office building was dressed as the newest branch of the Suitcase Art Gallery Space Research Institute bearing specially designed nylon flags for each plant in our solar system and one larger Flag of S.A.G.S.R.I.

This installation lasted approximately two weeks, and was accompanied by participation of S.A.G.S.R.I. officials during the 2007 Daswon City Discovery Day Parade. A S.A.G.S.R.I. information booth in the Yukon Riverside Arts Festival tent displayed information, artwork, and ephemera created by Michael McCormack and artists Justin Tyler Tate, Dustin Wilson, Amos Latteier, Pavitra Wickramasinghe, Marco D'Andrea, Jo Cook and Susan Hawkins, Dallas Wherle and Peter Gazendam, and Chris Dunnett.