The McCleave Gallery of Fine Art (2002 - 2007) > The McCleave Gallery of Fine Art 2002 - 2004

The McCleave Gallery of Fine Art is an independently run portable art gallery that is available for viewing on a “by chance or appointment” basis, out of a suitcase which is carried during regular business hours by a gallery attendant. From 2002 - 2004 the McCleave Gallery housed a number of exhibitions in Halifax, NS, and Guelph, ON, as well as making visits and gallery presentations in neighboring communities such as Kitchener, Toronto, and Dundas, ON. The McCleave Gallery is a versatile and accessible exhibition space, which can easily travel to communities that are lacking these spaces or opportunities. The gallery houses shows by emerging and established artists, challenging them to consider community, mobility, and the borderlines between art and the institution, and “public” and “private” spaces.